P. W. M.

from by The Alchemystics

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P. W. M.

Chorus - Ras Jahn
The people in the ghetto want more more
Babylon system keep them poor poor
Instead of bringing peace they still bring war
The screaming of the sufferers they ignore

1st verse - Force
As I lie awake imagining the time it takes
To find a way to stay ahead of bills fills my head with rage
Noticing some grays. Skies ain’t the only thing falling
The job markets gone thru the toilet
And call it like I see it all this Fox TV’s deceiving them
Even when the truth is told who knows when to believe in it.
The reason that deviancy is linked to the streets
is we’re given the least but make the most
This approach is what the ghettos are known to teach.


2nd verse - Ian I
You try to bring me down but you just cannot touch this
Morally strong yet you try and you still miss
The only left for you to dis is marijuana
We're lawful with everything else cuz we're the rasta
Try to separate we with your race, color, or creed
The only reason they separate is for their own greed
Get off your high horse so you can really see
What all the people that are below you be
Jah say that how the least of them you treat is (how you treat) he
So I know that we are all from the same Tree!
If you wanna live it yo you can live it right
Don't have to depend on no religion for your own sight

Bridge - Ras Jahn
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
Yes I
Yes I

3rd verse - Force
Heard that ya wanted mas, ras said it so I set it last
Working class reality is actually why I fill my flask
Lost in the liquor I write the elixir of life and spill it on mics
The price we pay for each crusade, some would say our sanity
Emancipation granted me the last thing that I feel is free
Commander in chief is making believe
We’re planting the seeds for democracy
Every vote we make feel like the forefathers are mocking me
No 4/5ths with a full clip what I get when I try to stop this hypocrisy
So follow me, calling it armed robbery logically would be next step
Look at my check an see it’s invested in what? Homeland defense?
Picture me picketing holding a sign standing in line
Ready to fight for my rights with my life on the line.

Chorus 2x


from Spread Hope, released May 23, 2011


all rights reserved



The Alchemystics Northampton, Massachusetts

The Alchemystics blend reggae, politically infused hip-hop, gritty soul, hard-driving rock, and pulsing Jamaican, Cuban and Trinidadian rhythms into a distinctive, original sound. The result is modern-day roots music with global appeal – an alchemy of ancient musical traditions; intricate, intelligent wordplay; deep, driving rhythms; irresistible hooks; and old-school vocal harmonies. ... more

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