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Chorus - Ian I
Come together
Elements of the mind to make your time musically wise
Elements of the soul to make you whole
Turn your lead to gold
Your heart to glow so powerful
Make a dark heart glow

1st Verse - Ian I
When we coming in with prayer
In confidence yo there's no need to show off
Changing your heart and mind from negativity
I know it a go rub off
It is in the mix of music that comes together
That's how we get greater
And any style we bring with love, the soul
I know it nah go sell off
Ingredients that we put in our music
Like Ital stew, thyme, coconut, turnip
Blending up the spliff with the haze we burn it
From the elder rasta to the hip-hop lover
Classical bass and roots-hop singer
Drum them a swing yes he's the bricklayer
Keyboards from space

Chorus - Ian I

2nd verse - Force
Look past the flowery speech
Here’s the essence of the message elementary themes
Love, loss, and all in between don’t call it a dream
More like a calling it seems
The call and response at concerts commonly seen
Ain’t just a scene more like a movement of freedom
Food for the needy, healing for the body and soul
Powers combine to shine for your eyes to behold
Yo, tell em it’s a testament intelligent embellishments
A tell tale sign we in our elements
Can tell that we’re developing the evidence is prevalent
Tell the world dead all comparisons
We play to win, they placate the kids
Contemplate a way to fill our plates so raise your fists
If you feel like it’s time to stop settling
Turn negative to positive. gotta let it settle in.

2nd Chorus - Ras Jahn
This is a little version now
Sweet inspiration now
Alchemystics now
Come to show you how

3rd verse - Force
All alone in the lab mad scientist with pens and a pad
Put final touches on productions, resurrecting a jam.
The Doctor Frankenstein of rhymes, my assistant the band.
Ego or heartache are supplied in demand.
You must understand these elements combined at a glance
Appear monstrous  but harboring the soul of a man.
So conscious, confidence is only a mask
Stay haunted, horrifically novel impacts.
Lightning flash, my life laid bare on the slab
Spare parts of my thoughts carved to author a track.
Sew back mismatched, lace the bass with my past
And dig up graves of misbehaviors still unable to grasp.
Such contrasting passions the heart of that
Six souls, sick sixteens what i add
With scraps of fabrications based on fact
Syntax soaked in sin and innocence.
Experiments in sensory reanimation
Entire generations raised on our statements.
Define innovation, cry to the heavens "it's alive" our creations
Electrify crowds till the townsfolk chasing.
Lord all this time wasted is making me paint all these
Amazingly vivid descriptions
Rap science fiction, rhythmic elixirs, pure Alchemystics

2nd Chorus


2nd Chorus


from Spread Hope, released May 23, 2011


all rights reserved



The Alchemystics Northampton, Massachusetts

The Alchemystics blend reggae, politically infused hip-hop, gritty soul, hard-driving rock, and pulsing Jamaican, Cuban and Trinidadian rhythms into a distinctive, original sound. The result is modern-day roots music with global appeal – an alchemy of ancient musical traditions; intricate, intelligent wordplay; deep, driving rhythms; irresistible hooks; and old-school vocal harmonies. ... more

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