Don't Leave

from by The Alchemystics

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Don't Leave

Chorus – Ras Jahn
Burden down with sorrow
Hold on till tomorrow
Some feelings just can't wait
No time to hesitiate
Don't leave, don't leave,
don't leave, girl don't leave

1st Verse - Force

In this midnight nation of ours chase stars

In hopes to stay close to the light in the dark.

Like I'm Lost, I found Others in time
I saw
Ya (yer) and I hate
How we can't communicate (Kate)

Had Jack and never let it hold me back

But the fact of the matter is this is disastrous

Our passion is turning to crashing and burning

Words ain't working and that's disconcerting

The curtains sheer, so it seems so clear

My home isn't whole and you hold it there in your hands
Had plans to renovate

But it takes time to change and you can't wait.

Face to face with fate and uncertain stakes

Can't blow like Kurtis heard these are the breaks

Lights, action, cameras captivate

Still take my breath hostage,
I saw your face in the crowd
Now that we're back here

I'm backwards turned round background is

My fears brought tears and I couldn't reveal it

Concealing your hearts so hard appearances deceive

Believe me I know what I am.

In demand constantly can't calm it down

Compound that with the fact I can't relax

Can't grasp why you'd ever wanna deal with that

In the back of my mind I'm wonderin why try

With my IQ knew it's foolish to fantasize

Too tied up with enough to set aside

Like Erykah Ba I guess next life time is ours
Play with the cards you're dealt with

Odds ain't even and I'm seemin so selfish

I scream don't leave, don't bounce don't stroll

I won't take no. hold I can't let it go.


2nd Verse – Ian I
Not really sure what to say,
don't really know what to do 
You re making me feel so many ways,
not sure which one is you 
Caught up in a chain reaction,
attraction with dissatisfaction
I only got Jah strength to lean on,
so if you wanna love me then you got to be strong  
A moment in time come to make the connection
I never want experience like this to end on a controversy
These things are hurtin me 
Gotta peace out to appease community
I'm living by a mountain of love jah jah rumble through 
Has given me the strength to heal from the tumble u given me 
I didn't want to really leave but I give thanks for my own livity



from Spread Hope, released May 23, 2011


all rights reserved



The Alchemystics Northampton, Massachusetts

The Alchemystics blend reggae, politically infused hip-hop, gritty soul, hard-driving rock, and pulsing Jamaican, Cuban and Trinidadian rhythms into a distinctive, original sound. The result is modern-day roots music with global appeal – an alchemy of ancient musical traditions; intricate, intelligent wordplay; deep, driving rhythms; irresistible hooks; and old-school vocal harmonies. ... more

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