Amazing feat. Catalyst

by The Alchemystics

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it s amazing how you do what you do
move me like oceans from the the moon
in a world like this with so few that are true
it s amazing how you do what you do
move me like oceans from the moon
it s no wonder why I live my life for you

Verse 1 - Ian I

got me thinkin bout where I long to be
in a beautiful place where our souls did meet
now im struggling with blues in my head
time to clear up the haze and rise like a dread
my inspiration makes me seek perfection
living my life in a new direction
you are the dew you are the fruit
the one I can share all the depths of my truth
cant let you down gotta live the life
make a move head to the paradise
in a moment of love I am satisfied
yet the system make a man want to cry
cant tell no lie to a woman so RIGHT
look on your face see JAH love in your eye
strong within and soft outside
it s true I need you in my life
It s amazing with you in my life


2nd Verse - Force

There are not enough minutes in hours and days in the year
for me to work on being better yea I picked a career
so unfair to us all. Feel it's all on my head
to mix, bake and slice. You know, make that bread.
Head to head with myself every night I was bred
to be a leader, these liters got me falling again
hard to keep up this whirlwind life that I live
is beating me up I'm eager to be more than I can.
That's why I speak up, teach, mold the world with the fam
telekinesis, Phoenix how we rise from the ashes
past theatrics all that I know is the real
will I ever be the man of your dreams
details is where dwells the devil can't stand to settle.
let he without sin cast the first pebble.
Moms raised a rebel, Pops taught me to revel
and the rest came from heartache and pain baby I tell you.

3rd Verse - Catalyst

Here’s looking at you, pure beauty in the flesh that is
The only bright spot of this dark life i live
Livin like I didnt care, cause i really didnt
Thats until the instance that i met you and it all got different
Listen, I can only say how i feel
And when I look into your eyes, i know that its real
And my heart it never spills but for you ill do anything
Protect you for our betterment and all the love you got to bring
All amazing everything, yeah girl you red hot
Heart stops, hops a beat, when i see the way you walk
Lookin like a work of art, mind, body, soul, and heart
Right where it need to be, I seen it in her from the start
To put it straight man, the girl is blazin
Blessed to be around her on any occasion
Astounded, to where i cant put it in language
And to say the least baby, ya love is amazing



released August 19, 2013
The Alchemystics:
Garrick "MC Force" Perry - Vocals
Ian I Cooper-Pettys - Vocals
Ras Jahn Bullock - Vocals
Jay Metcalf - Keyboards
Demse Zullo - Drums and Percussion
Matthew "El Rey Mateo" King - Percussion
Michael Scaccia - Bass

Catalyst - Guest Vocals

Produced by Demse Zullo
Engineered by Angelo Quaglia
Tracked at AQCPS
Mixed at Northfire Recording Studio
Mastered by Chris Athens at Chris Athens Mastering
Graphic Design by Sotorios Fedeli


all rights reserved



The Alchemystics Northampton, Massachusetts

The Alchemystics blend reggae, politically infused hip-hop, gritty soul, hard-driving rock, and pulsing Jamaican, Cuban and Trinidadian rhythms into a distinctive, original sound. The result is modern-day roots music with global appeal – an alchemy of ancient musical traditions; intricate, intelligent wordplay; deep, driving rhythms; irresistible hooks; and old-school vocal harmonies. ... more

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