The Alchemystics 2006

by The Alchemystics

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Fire (partial lyrics) 1st Verse - Force: uh oh the intro’s the same the flow changed to bang the streets no language contains the range of slang to explain the heat I bring to the table, Cable wouldn’t X-Force see seemingly arranging fables when I’m blazing the beat Got the haze? won’t hesitate if Phaze will pass me the piece. I know at least a few associates who earned their degrees an unspeakable need to bring life to the scene Breathe atomic radiation like I rose from the seas mutated by nuclear weapons to crush you with ease citizens flee. The reason for the constant decline of wack rappers are the torches I ignite with my mind tortoise and hare. how y’all appear ahead all the time but I’m slow dancing baby catch me all on my grind peep the diagram, no kinda fan will cool this down so the fans will understand when we burn through your town. Chorus: Fire from the North to the South Alchemystics are here and we turn the party out Fire starters of the set y’all know what to expect straight heat that’s it Fire nobody will doubt this water couldn’t douse this evacuate now kids Fire see it burns in our souls and we can’t let it go so we gotta give ya more 3rd Verse - Force: On your mark get set a sedative couldn't stop me my rhetorics kinda cocky competitive like I’m boxing it’s evident how I’m talking you better run out and cop me there’s never been a better let alone dead or alive letting it slide in, no identifiable weakness reside in your speakers, your highs and your tweeters decided to reach ya, speech like a seizure of seismic proportion distortions are frequent checking the frequency, your freaks with me if ya miss her meeting my zipper no need for me to paint you a picture pretty simple an instrumental and a couple of bars hit a couple of bars, then it’s up in the car pump a little Debarge and it’s on and this is the very definition of pimposterous lobsters, shrimp, the whole nine over the fence you know it’s a hit. the instant a sentence is spit.
Rap Star (partial lyrics) 1st Verse - Force: the situation is this I see a chick who catches my eye flash me a smile, listen I’m that type of guy who won’t approach less provoked so i’m clearin my throat walking up talking bout uh uhm excuse me, yo I hope you were feeling the show, were you feeling the flow? if so let me know and then we can go someplace a little more quite can’t deny it girl what’s your name? spitting game’s what I’m trying confident? mostly when I’m rockin this mic I get compliments mostly when I’m rocking this mic now it’s obvious you the only one that I like it’s just common sense, that’s why we’re talking aight. feeling alright, a full moon like it’s brandy hand me another drink, in a blink and I’m standing right next to ya, can I confess to ya what I’d like to do to ya. move to the groove Chorus - Ray Hendricks: Now I gotta chance to know ya Stop playing I know the game's over As time wears thin we'll factor in where we'll be When we're ... Tell me what's up cuz I wanna know It gets me on a high when you're taking things slow Now lets give it a shot Let me know if you're ready or not 2nd Verse - Phaze: Chorus - 3rd Verse - Force: Now come on y’all, the clocks ticking the plot thickens I spot women talking and gossiping all sending me vibes my sentence designed to simply have you sit on the sideline speaking your mind. cause what do ya like ma honestly I’m trying to be the one with whom you want to leave and pardon me for being so bold but hold the phone your mobile phone number is all I want I won’t front I’m up in the front when you hear the bass thump tearing it up making the club jump making you say something like I usually don’t do this but “oooh he’s too cute let’s get to moving” using the universal, explain how it works to ya when words won’t work what we do use gestures no doubt the rest will come and try an test let’s see how far it gets em
Homecoming (partial lyrics) Chorus Living like a lion Tryin to get to Zion It's my destination Part of my imagination 2x 1st Verse - Phaze: Chorus 2nd Verse - Force Y’all are impatient, my bad you deserve my regrets you’re right I don’t like getting checks since I earned your respect and gratitude yea it’s enough I love starving to eat only able to go to sleep knowing that you moved your feet and all the daps and pats on the back what’s ups and that’s phat make up for the fact that y’all don’t even listen to half of the words that I said I hurt my head trying to write hoping that one in fifty might just gain some insight it’s quite caustic this topic often has me in rage I authored this page a day after I learned that I’m a waste of time I’m making rhymes trying to cope with the shock I offered a lot revealed my feelings through this hip hop like it or not it’s cool but it’s all I can do presenting my views through music got nothing to lose but something to prove. to who? what I’m wondering too but one thing is true we’re coming and our time is past due cuz we've been... Chorus Bridge - Ras Jahn: Chorus
Ghetto Youth (partial lyrics) 3rd Verse - Force: Y’all trying to get out, I’m trying to get in and I can’t sleep a wink till this ink from my pen leaks through streets the reason I keep all these beats in my reach is finding some peace now put it together how could we ever live in a better time when every rhyme they ever design is violence, sex and trying to shine how would you define an entity literally mentally meddling heavily or would it be better to let it seem currency currently crushes all our dreams meaning when obvious problems are solved it revolves around cost and I’m forced to resort as a means to an ends any means to get ends, never taking a loss I often get caught on a catch 22 on the choose your adventure tip but it’s hard to get rich when the system designed to deny every bit think I’m losing my grip I feel I’m slipping if I slip in these sheets so that’s the reason we can’t stay out these streets.
Light It Up (partial lyrics) Chorus Roll it up, light it up, then smoke it up Roll it up, light it up, then smoke it up If you wanna get high and you don't give a fuck Then put your hands high now 2X 1st Verse - Phaze: Chorus 2nd Verse - Force: I’m all alone in my room got the bass turned up blunt rolled, ready to hit it like Ike turner tracks attracting me and actually it’s got me hooked pull out the rhyme book and that’s all that it took I’m in the zone, look now baby all on my grind spine tingling, they jingling baby, Go head baby, I’m so focused on the beat I done missed work five times this week and still can’t sleep my eating habits have changed and I locked myself in my girlfriends pissed cause my clothes are smelling neighbors keep yelling can you turn that shit down NO that’s why I can’t sign a lease in this town. Chorus Chorus
Wine (partial lyrics) Chorus 1st Verse - Phaze: Chorus 2nd Verse - Prowla: Chorus Bridge - Force: this song should come with a warning as soon as it’s on all the dance floors are swarming this damsel is gorgeous dancehall is gonna get all y’all involved. got a problem. I’ll solve it ignore inhibitions get down to the rawness we all gotta let loose it’s totally harmless guess that I’m honest to say that conscious to see that girl shaking and It’s making me want her synonymous often with arson it’s fire course through your veins like you’re touching the wire want to see some lighters come on put em higher just getting started I know you ain’t tired my oh my my eyes on the prize thighs, breast, chest yes need a breath rest pause back to the topic at hand this here is your chance y’all better start dancing Chorus


The Alchemystics:

Phaze - vocals
MC Force - vocals
Jay Metcalf - keyboards
Demse Zullo - drums
Garrett Sawyer - bass

Liner Note:
Welcome to the world of the Alchemystics. You hold in your hand a labor of love. The band entered the studio in late 2005, recording their self-titled debut and quickly became immersed in the project. With an album nearly ready for distribution, the group decided to rerecord some of the tracks with new member, Force, and to invite guests from around their home-base of the Pioneer Valley. What began as a simple re-tracking process took on a life of its own. This special pre-release features some of the finest talent the Valley has to offer and is indicative of the intense love these artists have for their craft

Additional Musical Contributions By:

Stash and Jana Bird - trumpet & sax on tracks 2, 3, & 6
DJ Theory - tracks 1, 6, & 7
Brian Bender - melodica on track 5
Jonathon Dorr - guitar on track 8
Steve Crow - guitar on track 4
I-Shea - vocals on track 8

Tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, & 7 recorded at Northfire Recording Studio
Tracks 5 & 8 recorded at Caboose 2 Zion Studio

Produced by Demse Zullo and Garrett Sawyer
Mixed and Mastered by Garrett Sawyer at Northfire Recording Studio


released September 1, 2006

All songs written by T. Zullo, G. Perry, J. Metcalf, G. Sawyer, and L. Perez
2006 The Alchemystics LLC ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


all rights reserved



The Alchemystics Northampton, Massachusetts

The Alchemystics blend reggae, politically infused hip-hop, gritty soul, hard-driving rock, and pulsing Jamaican, Cuban and Trinidadian rhythms into a distinctive, original sound. The result is modern-day roots music with global appeal – an alchemy of ancient musical traditions; intricate, intelligent wordplay; deep, driving rhythms; irresistible hooks; and old-school vocal harmonies. ... more

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